One of the biggest problems with all knee pads is manufacturers use cheap neoprene and fabric that allows bacteria to grow causing foul odors to appear within days after initial use.  We developed our Die Cut foam cushion and chose the X-Static Top Cover material to combat this problem. They are the best choice for people who live in warmer areas of the US, and for those who like to work in shorts. We guarantee K2S Knee Pads will never stink for as long as you own them.


  1. X-Static Top Cover has both antimicrobial and anti-odor properties.
  2. The material dries quickly after each use.
  3. Kills Bacteria and Fungus: Heat and moisture harbors bacteria. X-Static eliminates 99.9% of bacteria in less than one hour of exposure.
  4. Safe and Natural: X-Static is made with pure silver so there are no chemicals used and no fear of toxicity to consumers.
  5. Permanent: X-Static is not a surface treatment. It is a physical part of the fiber is permanent and does not diminish over time.
  6. Destroys Odor: Silver kills the bacteria and binds most readily with odor eliminating odor instantly.
  7. Catalysts: The hotter and wetter the environment, the more effective X-Static becomes.
  8. Defends against Blisters and Hot Spots: X-Static uses the energy of the body and the environment to actively regulate temperature through heat transfer.
  9. Warm Weather Solution: X-Static dissipates the amount of moisture in contact with your knees.
  10. Cold Weather Solution: X-Static reduces heat loss by transporting moisture away from the body.