Replacement parts are a valuable part of the K2S Knee Pads Protection System. Why buy a single use knee pads when you can buy one of the K2S Knee Pads that is truly a lifetime tool. Every part of the K2S Knee Pads can easily be replaced. Our plastic components are made of a high strength 66 nylon that should provide years of reliable service. The foam cushion is a high quality closed cell foam made in America. The foams top cover is fabric infused with X-Static silver ions. The silver ions kill the bacteria in your sweat to keep the pads from stinking and guard against heat rash. The wear pads which are in contact with the surface you are working come in 2 types. The Quick Change version that can be quickly removed and replaced. No other knee pad on the market offers that function. We also offer a Fixed Rubber Wear Pad that is 1/4 inch black non-marring rubber. The S-Static fabric and the black rubber wear pad material are both used widely in the shoe industry. The straps are a military grade stretch polyester and the buckles are a quality plastic. Get a better return on your knee protection investment.