My story begins on the first day of my floor covering career. My name is Scott Petersen, owner and inventor of the K2S Knee Pad System. The K2S Knee Pad System was born out of necessity. When I started my floor covering career in 1977 in Anchorage Alaska I quickly found out that kneeling and crawling for 8 to 10 hours a day was a painful experience. There were basically 3 types of knee pads available in Anchorage. Volleyball/wrestling knee pads, leather knee pads with felt linings and molded brown rubber knee pads with white fabric non elastic straps. I tried them all, but none of them really made a big difference. I was on a quest to find something that was truly comfortable and give protection to my knees.

When I relocated to Maryland in 1986 I was hoping to find a better selection of knee pads. I found that the molded rubber was now black and the straps were elastic. In 1989 a coworker advised me to try the Balens Craft Seat. I purchased 2 pairs from Beno J Gundlach. Although I really loved the seat that was attached to it, the knee pads themselves were horrible. I wore them 3 days and put them on a shelf in the garage.

In 1990 I purchased my first pair of Pro Knees. I took a lot of flack for how big they were and how expensive they were ($139.00) back then, but they really were a big improvement over anything on the market. By 2004 I was starting to have severe shin pain from sitting back on my ankles and my toes hurt from using them to support my butt. I was cleaning the garage on a Saturday morning when I spied the Balens Craft Seats sitting on the shelf. I took them out of the box and started thinking about how I could engineer them to attach to the Pro Knees. After numerous trips to Home Depot by Sunday afternoon my redesigned knee pads were ready for a trial run. As I crawled in the driveway my neighbor saw me. I explained how I had put these 2 products together and she said “man” you should patent that. I wore them at work the next day. By the end of the day I could tell my shins were not as sore as they had been. After 30 days my shin pain was gone and my toes quit hurting. The seat was a big improvement to the Pro Knees. Co-workers would ask me what that thing was hanging off the backs of my legs, I would kneel down sit back and they would say “man” you need to patent that.

In 2009 I received the first of my 2 patents. While waiting on the patent process I hired an engineer to take my redesigned knee pads and make them into a viable product. In 2010 I started selling the (Kneel to Sit) now known as the K2S Kraft Seat. 10 years later it has evolved into the K2S Knee Protection System. I’m still working to improve my product, always with the goal of making my customers comfortable and safe while kneeling and crawling. The K2S Knee Pad system made a huge improvement in the quality of my life and I hope you try them and make the same improvement to yours.