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K2S Knee pads

K2S Knee Pads are the foundation of our knee protection system. A great choice for those looking for an everyday knee pad . We use 1-1/4 inch thick foam padding for maximum comfort. The X-Static top cover kills bacteria in sweat and eliminates odor. K2S Knee Pads come in 2 sizes. The K2S-100 Knee Pad for people with an average knee circumference of up to 16 inches. The K2S-250 knee pad is built for people with large knees with a circumference 16 inches and up. Can be upgraded with either the K2S-500 Leg Extension or the K2S-Kraft Seat. 1 year warranty and FREE SHIPPING

Model in red clothing sitting on a K2S-1000 Kraft Seat attached to a K2S-250 Knee Pad

K2s kraft seat

K2S-1000. The K2S Kraft Seat has our patented seat design. It is the knee pad for those who spend long hours in the kneeling position. The Kraft Seat keeps your body weight off of your shins, legs and ankles, reducing stress on your knees. No need to measure leg, they are self adjusting to fit any size person. The seat can be easily removed when needed and the knee pads used alone. Protect your knees now and prevent serious problems as you age. FREE SHIPPING

Profile view of model in red shoes wearing K2S-100 Knee Pads with K2S-500 leg extension attached to knee pads

k2s-500 leg extension

The K2S-500. Our version of (Pro Knee). This allows for even weight distribution along the length of the extension. The extension is lightweight and durable. Adjustable to fit most any size person. The extension can easily be removed and the knee pad used alone when needed. Easy to walk in, this is the best choice for workers who go up and down stairs. FREE SHIPPING